st. Rybalska, b. 13, office 4, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01011

Vareza LLC is a comprehensive supplier of consumables for construction, industrial production, installation, service and repair.

We offer our customers comprehensive, efficient solutions based on professional market knowledge and experience working with proven manufacturers of the necessary materials. 

We serve large companies as well as medium and small industries and services. 

The main areas of the materials we supply are:

- building insulation materials

- abrasive

- work shoes

- fastening systems

- technical chemistry

- bench tool

- metalworking tools

Vareza imports some of its materials independently from European manufacturers, while the rest it receives from verified importers who guarantee the certified quality and originality of its products.

Our mission is to provide optimal solutions to the specific tasks faced by builders, installers, car mechanics and mechanics of industrial enterprises in their professional activities when servicing equipment.


Your achievements are our priority !